Now this really sucks

Among the brouhaha about forum mod the PTB at WP com have slipped in another horror this week. I give you recent comments avatars. How cool are they? Or they would be. If that idiot Matt Mullenweg and his gang had not marked them up in tables of all things. Furthermore not only is the mark up an abomination to any web standards developer but the widgets both at Org and Com now seem to generate their own CSS which turns up in the head of the document a la Kubrick. Furthermore and slightly OT in the fiasco of org upgrading to eliminate the increasingly common security flaws, they keep changing the widget markup therein. And even when they gravitate to a new schemata it is incomplete and inconsistent. Our old friend li h2 appears fleetingly. Then its ul li But at Org in some themes they seem to have ditched the nested lists from hell completely and gone for h2, and a with no list at all. as I started doing 2 years ago. . But of course its not used at Org. Yet. This is causing havoc in the theming community. They really do need to get someone, heck anyone in, who knows what they are doing in this regard. As I understand it poor Mark seems – at least from his forum comments – to have been roped in. He would the first to say that CSS is not his strongest suit. Bryan Veloso of course was fired after five minutes. I can feel a Nuclear Moose coming on.

5 Responses to “Now this really sucks”

  1. erm… you know that themes control the sidebar markup ($before_widget, $before_title, $after_title, $after_widget), right? i much prefer the widgets that generate their own CSS to the table based ones. (of course, the flickr widget does both, which i hate)(the flickr widget is another of donncha’s creations, i wouldn’t blame all of automattic for his poor skills).

  2. oh, and my other objection (which no one noticed, because it’s not a web standards issue), is another one of automattic’s famous privacy gaffs:

    if i’m logged in, the widget links to the “primary blog” option, not to the “website” option in my profile.

  3. This before and after malarkey is all very well but CSS should not really be used that way. And it is not very backward compliant. Sure – I / we know how it works but it puts many designers through hoops.

  4. Michael Says:

    r u guys adults cause u sure talk like it

  5. Are we adults kid? Not entirely. But you might to find some else to play where you are going to feel more comfortable.

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