Turnaround in the forum

The continued very public, and very embarrassing disintegration of mad mike is continuing. It does not look like any one can do much to help. His paranoia, hits new highs daily. Still now the WP com forum is cleared of the dead wood there is some very good support going on. Timethief has rushed into the breach and is doing a fine job. I really do hope that a more inclusive approach is going to be adopted by all contributors. A kinder , gentler forum if you like. Everybody knows the posters are clueless. We know better than most. We have been there. But the task is to assist. Not to belittle. We will see how it goes.

Update: Sadly his not quite an ex mod act of hanging round the forums dissing everybody including the only mod still trying to keep the thing together has now led to him being banned from the WordPress forums completely. A sorry sight.

6 Responses to “Turnaround in the forum”

  1. JackieD Says:

    Well since you’ve stopped slamming him now every chance you’ve gotten….

  2. Oh I see. Mad Mike was fired because I took him down a peg? That really makes sense. Maybe the reason I took a poke at him and the reason he got fired were the same. Maybe it was just because he was unsuitable for the task. Never mind his half-assed futile digging at me. He treated everybody with an irritating condescension and his omniscience discouraged a lot of people. Further more a lot of helpers were led down the same rocky path. The OP may be an idiot. But there is no need to tell him. One of MM’s worst faults was somehow trying to close off dialogue in posts he didn’t know the answer to with snark. A moderator needs to encourage folk from a wide range of disciplines. Not try and diss them because he feels insecure. The forum is/was not his personal fiefdom. Any suggestion it can’t function fully without him is madness.
    You may not see that. But then you are not running WP com. Do you think they are wrong?

  3. Um, excuse me. I’m not banned from the wp.com forums and please kindly point to where I’m still “dissing everybody” I can point at plenty of places where you’re doing the “dissing” and recently too.

    Would be nice if you got your story straight for a change.

  4. And I believe you were the one who was told to be good by the moderator, not me. You were the one out of line recently.

  5. faurdysiriuro Says:

    How are you?

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