Brexit – The divorce


Why the Uk Brexit Plan (sic) is leading us into perdition. 

UK PM Theresa May

I am a Brexiter.   I have been grievously concerned about the United Kingdom being a member of what is now the European Union (“EU“) since 1972.   In the referendum held in the UK I voted out.   I did not believe then and I do not believe now that it was in our interests to remain in such an organisation.  I am broadly a Conservative.  I tend to have conservative views and I have from time to time voted for the Conservative party in General Elections.  But I am not in any sense a fan, a supporter or an advocate of the Conservative Party, its policies or its plans.  Nevertheless they are the people currently charged with the delivering the most momentous policy enunciated by any Government in my lifetime.    I voted Leave in the recent EU referendum.

However it is quite apparent to me and to many  very well informed observers from all sectors of life that the Brexit plan (or lack of it) which the current Government is following is scheduled for inevitable failure if not spectacular disaster with almost incalculable consequences for the well being of the economy and the peoples of the United Kingdom.

We voted for Brexit.  We did not vote to wreck the economy or the country.